command prompt from C++ program

I am facing a problem in C++,I want to execute a command in Command prompt from a specific path.I am able o select a path and execute cmd.exe using the function ShellExecute but the problem is after selecting the path I am not able to execute the command, the command is appearing on another command prompt.Is there any solution to solve this Problem

Thanks in advance
Int get it? do you wanna execute a command from CMD?

try this first

system("YOUR COMMAND!")

OR you want to use ShellExecute?
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I am able to open the command prompt from C++ using ShellExecute..
Now I want to execute an exe command on that opened command prompt..
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sorry for late
here is your code

ShellExecute(0,"open","cmd","/C c:\\1.exe",0,SW_SHOW);

"/C c:\\Your APP.exe" <<<
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thanks for the reply.
actually i want to execute a query " bpl -p ..............." which is defined in a specific path. say c:\\program files
now i have to execute these steps..
1. execute cmd.exe
2. change the path to C:\\program files
3. execute the command "bpl -p ...."

first two steps r working for me..
i want to do the last step..

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