Can someone explain a for loop to me?

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for (i=1,i<=num;i++)


-thank you
Indicate? what do you mean by indicate? By indicate do you mean what value does i hold? That would be 1 assuming i has been declared as an int.

What does the loop mean? That would depend on the context, from what is given and assuming that i is an int, it would mean do the loop body for a total number of iterations of 1 to num times.

The code you have given is very broad as we cannot see 1) what data type i is, 2) what data type/value num is 3) what the loop body is.
i think he meant this,,,

x++ increments the value of variable x after processing the current statement.
++x increments the value of variable x before processing the current statement.

So just decide on the logic you write.

x += ++i will increment i and add i+1 to x.
x += i++ will add i to x, then increment i.

by BeowulfOF
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I want to know what the i is, what it does, everything!!! thanks

for ( init-expression ; cond-expression ; loop-expression ) 

for (int i=1;i<=num;++i)

read this
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for (i=1,i<=num;i++)

This doesn't work. A for-loop looks like this:
for (initialize counter variable; condition; statement after each loop) {
    some statements

This would rather fit in the Beginner section. And why don't you just google it anyway? It would take 15 seconds at most.
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