mouse or keyboard interface in home menu of console app

how can i design an console app such that its menu's options are used by mouse or get highlighted and enterable by using arrow keys of keyboard???
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You can do it by not using the console.
That doesn't really answer the question.

Google around PDCurses (for Windows) and NCurses (for Mac and *nix)
That's the library you'll need to use.

You can do it with the Windows API directly, but you'll have an easier time just starting out with Curses.

Oh, and unless your requirements specifically require a console application, you really should look to making a GUI.

Hope this helps.
Make a GUI-based windowed program that emulates a text-based terminal.
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well you dont need a gui... im writing a program right now in ncurses to use the console and it takes arrow keys and if i wanted to i could make it take mouse input
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