What other languages besides C++ compile and link straight in to executable files, or flat binaries?

I am wondering, besides C and C++, are there any other HLL that can compile and link to OS specific executable images, or flat binaries?


others I can't think of....
Can any of those languages bind with a wrapper API to wrap the OS's main graphical-windowed API?

For example:

1.Java works with a JVM, an emulated program that runs the bytecode, and will automatically wrap the API with its own hypervisor.

2.C/C++ can compile and link straight with the Windows API directly, but can also use a wrapper library like SDL, Allegro, etc.

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I know there are a few projects going on involving OpenGL in Haskell. I also know there's an opengl package for Common Lisp. I believe you can do it in ocaml also...
RPG ILE is primarily used on AS/400 data processing servers if you take old DOS graphics into account then yes it has graphic capability.
Go was made by Google I believe so it wouldn't surprise me if it had some graphical packages. I'm pretty positive Ada has graphical packages.
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