copy class object??

I have a class A for a sort of a template.
class A
A(int n){a = n;}
int a;

In main class, I create like this.

A *temClass = new A(10);

A *myClass01 = new A();
A *myclass02 = new A();

and I want to copy tmpClass to myClass01, myClass02.

myClass01 = temClass;
myClass02 = temClass;

When I changed a value, all changed. I mean,
myClass01.a = 100;
then, var a in myClass02 and temClass is all 100.

I think they all refer to same address.

How to copy class??
Instead of assigning objects you are assigning pointers. Use

*myClass01 = *temClass;
*myClass02 = *temClass;
to add to it, when you equate pointers, they begin pointing to the same value. In this case all the three pointers start pointing to the address to which temclass was pointing.
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Another way to copy is to use the copy constructor:

A *temClass = new A(10);
A *myClass01 = new A(*temClass);
A *myclass02 = new A(*temClass);

vlads correction does the job too, and will work after construction (unlike the above).
Pretty simple!!!
Or don't use java
A tempClass(10);

A myClass01; //default constructor
myClass01 = tempClass; //assignment

A myClass02( tempClass ); //copy constructor 
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