Sound in C++?

OK, I know some people say it's not so good, but I do use Bloodshed's Dev-C++, and it fulfills my purposes just fine. But the thing I want to do is add sound to my C++ program, and I am currently using Allegro. I am unable to use Playsound, and OpenAL is too sophisticated for my needs. I just need a simple library, that's library, that can allow me to at least play .wav and .mp3 sound files. This is just for background noise/music, not for some open-area 3D game. If anyone can point me in the direction of a good sound library that IS NOT Playsound or OpenAL, that would be very, very helpfull. Thank you.
It is not your IDE's problem that you can't play sounds.

Code is thing that matter and how you compile it (#includes) :) I think there is some way to determine compiler arguments in dev-c++ but i don't know how.

Take your time to understand peter's answer
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I found SFML to be too complicated. Mainly because it's both audio and graphics, and I already use Allegro. My current Allegro version is 4.1, and I don't think audio is supported in that version, so I might try to update it. If not, I found a seemingly good one called PortAudio. Thank you for your suggestions!
Surely you can just #include <SFML/Audio.hpp> ...?

You don't need to use it for graphics.
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Yes, but the download is for both, and i don't want space taken up with unneeded stuff, and PortAudio seems to be quite fine
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He already said he's using PortAudio and it's working for him.
Use BASS library, works on windows, linux, etc most games uses it, it is free, has example code and it is only a small DLL of about 100KB:
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