help please

implement function readFile. In this function, read in all integers in the file and store each integer in the array passed to it, updating size and numInts as necessary. Each time the array fills up, create a second array of 100 more elements that the original array has, then copy the values in all the elements in the original array to the new array, delete the original array and assign the new array's address to the pointer to the original array. (Note that the pointer to the original array is passed by reference.)

implement the function traverse. In this function, traverse the list of numbers stored in the array and output these numbers in units of 10 rows of 10 integers, each integer taking up three spaces. Below is an example of the first two 10x10 units of numbers.

13 23 23 34 45 56 67 78 87 60

the format has to be 10 rows of that format (continued if the data exceeds one of these blocks, i have the data successfully read into an array and expanded as necessary but i have no idea how to begin to print the elements of the array in a format such as this, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Use a for-loop and each time the for-loop value reaches 10, print a newline
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