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Assume you had a struct:

struct a{
unsigned long long ref;

To get the memory address of a pointer.

Then assume you had a class for storing each memory address passed to it, + a fake label for differencing the addresses, and a count to count the amount of memory addresses.

Could you then have assigned to a void pointer the memory address and deallocate the memory related to it?
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1. Why not make a test case.
2. Describe "fake lable".
3. This seems utterly pointless...
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1. With this you could prevent memory leaks.
2. Fake label, is an attached reference to an object. IE. "DOG".
3. Depends on how you see it.

I made an example of this, but i don't have the code anymore.
The result was that i received an error by the compiler while deallocating,
the memory attached to the void pointer.

So what i really was asking, is there a way to get around deallocating feks.
a pointer to a string, with a pointer to a void?

This makes sense according to that pointers holds memory addresses,
so if you assign the right address, why shouldnt you be able to deallocate the memory consume?

Though i am saying this, with no prior knowledge about how C++ actually deallocates memory.
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