unlock a gsm phone locked to straight talk network

I know this is out of topic but I just need your help.
Can you help me unlock a gsm
phone locked to straight talk
network? It seems no one can do
it I have searched high and low
even paid to unlock sites they say
it cant be dun. It can be by the
right person can you help?
I guess this is not the best forum to ask this question... I even doubt that cplusplus.com is the right website...
If you really think C++-programmers can help you, you'd better move this topic to the 'lounge' instead of 'General C++ programming'. But I'm afraid this website won't help you much. You could try asking this question on some GSM forum, maybe they know. Google is also a nice place for questions!

And it would be also nice if you used some more punctation, plain words and whitespaces don't make a good first impression...
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