New to prgramming!

Hi Everyone

I was wondering if you could enlighten me with some information I am looking to get into programming with c++ I wil b honest and say I have never done anything like this before.

They main reason I want to do this is I am currently working as a SQL DBA and I am looking to move into SQL developer role and looking to learn c++ and PHP to allow me to do this.

I have never looked at programming before and was wondering how would everyone suggest I start my journey any books or courses would be great?

I am currently reading through C++ for dummies might seem a bit amature but we all haft to start somewhere I suppose?
Be careful with the books you purchase; read the reviews. There are a lot of really bad C++ books for which reading them will lower your IQ and programming ability.

There's lots of good online resources, but as always try to make sure they're credible.
The tutorial on this site is quite good, and also this site:
Thanks everyone.

I appreciate it all I will check out the webiste provided I am ideally looking to move into SQL Development and want to learn a programming language.

Have you every used SOCI library how do you install and use them?
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