VC thread arguments number limited?


I am using thread on VC 2012 (very close to VC 2010). When the argument list is short, it works fine. However, when I add a function with more arguments, the compiler indicates "no thread constructor match the argument list....etc", and when I reduce the number of arguments, it works.

Is there a limit about thread constructor? I didn't see this in ISO C++11 standard. How can I fix this limit? Or maybe it's better that I split my function in question into two to pass it...?

Thanks in advance for your helps.
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Some code that doesn't compile?

For reference if you haven't seen it already.
Thanks for your reply. I think it's a problem related to the number of arguments. As I explained, when I put more than 5 arguments, I cannot work, indicates:
error C2661: 'std::thread::thread' : no overloaded function takes 10 arguments

I don't know how to deal with this...
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Thanks cire, got it!
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