Making the transition from console applications to windows applications

- I posted this in the Windows Programming section however, no one has replied and i'm not completely sure that the Windows section was the correct section to post it in anyway. Thus, i'm posting this here as well.

- Hello, I've been doing console programming for a while and I've just started to transition from console programming to windows programming.

- I've been reading many tutorials, and i have been looking at templates and functions on the msdn website, and in visual studio,etc.

- I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend the next step for me (i have a basic understanding about instances, windows--of instances--, handles, and event driven program), and any potential books that i should use.

- I've heard good things about Pretzold's(i believe that's the authors name) book, is this book still up to date, or is it outdated? If it is outdated, would you mind recommending other readings to me(feel free to do so even if it is not outdated)?

- I apologize in advance for the barrage of questions and my inexperience.
If you want to learn to program on Windows, I would recomend Ivor Horton. Here is a link to his book on learning Visual C++

It's quite expensive (all good technical books are), but you will find it is worth it as it will teach you all the aspects of programming under Windows.

- @ajh32 Oh, thank you for the reply.

-I was currently reading Petzold's book in the mean time, however i will look into Horton's book as well.

- Another question, does Horton's book have any type of problems in it, the way that many console application c++ books do? Such as, problems after each chapter or something similar?
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Hortons books normally follow a project or two throughout the book.
- @ajh32 , I see.

- Do you know of any practice problems on the web that i could possibly use, or would i just have to figure some out myself?
If you get a book by Ivor Horton he will slowly take you through learning all aspects of Windows programming. Just get the book and start at the beginning...
In my opinion all you really need is Petzold's 5th edition for learning the basics, a book like Windows via C/C++ for more advanced topics and modern programming techniques, and the SDK documentation(MSDN or offline help) for reference.
- Does Horton focus on MFC, or regular Win32?

- In the mean time, I have a pdf copy of Petzold's 5th edition and i just ordered a hardcover on amazon yesterday or so.

- After i'm done with Petzold's book, i'll probably pick up Hortons or Windows via C/C++.

- I just find it strange that there is no book with any type of exercises from chapter to chapter. I suppose this is only a common theme in beginner books for languages?

Horton focuses on MFC. There are exercises in each chapter. Take a look at a bookstore...
- In your opinion, is using a wrapper instead of regular WinAPI/Win32 a good idea or a bad idea?

- Most of the people i have spoken with frown on the idea, and the only individual i know of who does not is a user named @freddie1 on this site.
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I would say that using a wrapper to the WinAPI is a good idea. Win32 is the C API to the Windows OS. After all MFC is a wrapper to the WinAPI as is .NET and many other libraries, Borland OWL is another such wrapper. It means that you don't have to constantly re-invent the wheel and can concentrate on writing your program. If on the other hand you are after speed then it might be more efficient to go direct to the WinAPI. It all depends on the problem you are writing a program to solve
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