MFC Question/Stuck

Hello guys,

I am stuck on an MFC assignment

I have this window dialog where it pops up(Ctrl F) and if clicked it closes.
My goal is to keep it on.(or close on x)

I belive I have to send a message to the window, but I have no idea how,my knowledge is limited in MFC overall.

I belive this is the message that I need to send.
ON_COMMAND(ID_EDIT_FIND, OnEditFind) declared in .cpp

afx_msg void OnEditFind (); declared in the .h

Now I am not quite sure but I need to try this so I can find out.

The open source is WinMerge.

I did some reserach for MFC Send Message but I cant figure out the arguments that are passed.

Any help is appreciated...

Thanks for the time and help

Do I understand correctly? Do you want to open your popup "Find" dialog upon pressing Ctrl-F from your main application?
No, my goal is to keep the Find Dialog open when we click find next button.

Right now it closes the window as soon as I click find next( or ctrl + f).

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