/Mt and /CLR not compatible

Hello everyone,
Please i need help, here is my problem:
i Have been using EIGEN to solve systems of equation. the only way i was successful to compile my code is by using /CLR.
When i try to build my project.i noticed that in order for my exe to work on other pc, i need to build it using /MT (not DLL). problem they are not compatible.
if i remove /CLR, my project wont compile, and if i leave the DLL, my exe works on other pc but gives unrealistic value...

Can someone advise on what to do. This is my first program i write. i am a mechanical engineer solving equation, please bear with me...

Thanks a lot
Ok i just search in the web, but i found that i can not build a windows form application without /CLR.
i am not sure if my target machine will have redistributed vc. is there any way to have my exe along with some dll instead ? i often see this with small programs.

Thanks a lot
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