Whats a good tool for making custom resources

Question is in the subject, I want to make custom images for my applications what are some good tools for making them?
Your question is not clear at all. Mostly depends of what kind of usage for images you are thinking.

For example the icon image must be coded with win resource if you compile for windows, while it is usually "extern" and "configured later" if you compile for linux (configures can change depending of DE used).

If you want to make "images for buttons, or layers inside window application" you could need or not a resource binary file. For example if you make a Qt application (Qt is a multi-platform library that allows you to build "windowed" applications for different OS) you probably will use the qt resource file (qrc) but it is not mandatory (images can be left "open" and used directly)..... and so on.....

So.... it depends....
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