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Do you have to be really good at math to major in Computer Science? Im not too good at mathematics, but I try my best at it. The school in which I want to major in Computer Science has 1 mathematics course- that is Discrete Mathematics. How many of you have a Computer Science Degree or is currently majoring in Computer Science and is not so good at math?
There is differend kinds of programmers: those who design programs as whole and those who make simple job of translating given algorithms in code.
If you want to be later, you don't need math actually: everything will be taken care of by senior programmers. In other case you should have knowledge in area you work in.
If you are doing program to calculate taxes, you should know how taxes are calculated, who eligible for tax reduction, how different laws combines and other. And you should be able to catch errors in calculations, optimize them... Well there is plenty math in economics...
If you are in 3d graphics... It's all about math: matrices, integrals, trigonometry — and this is easiest math you will encounter here.
@MiiNiPaa - You are correct in saying that you don't necessarily need to be that good at maths to be a programmer, but it certainly helps. I personally work in the finance sector, and we have domain specialists that don't program but do write detailed specifications for the programmers to follow. You as the programmers DON'T need to know the tax law, that is where the domain specialists come in.

So the short answer is that you don't need to be a brilliant mathematician but a sound understanding in mathematics would certainly be helpful. It all depends in which sector you see yourself working as a programmer.
As a beginner computer science major and someone who also isn't to fond of math I have asked the same question. From what I gather it depends on what you end up doing. Such as simulation programs or games you could need advanced calculus or just linear algebra from what I understand. The hard calculus isn't usually the norm when coding. I think it is safe to say you can get good at coding and not be a master mathematician but a understanding of at least basic math stuff is in order.

Now in terms of what the major requires you might have to take some hard math courses. For my Comp Sci major plan I need up to cal 2 with statistics and linear algebra, some may require up to cal 3 and physics courses and others yet may require business math depending on how you want to apply your programming knowledge.
I wanted to say that you still should made folmulas given to you in your program in efficient way. And to not made mistakes, if somebody finds out that you think, that two successive 15% increase is 30% total increase, they will be very unhappy.
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