abstract class error

The program allows user to choose the implementation( Array-based or LikedList) and then test ADT member functions.

There are 3 files:
Abstract Data Class declaration with pure virtual functions (no private members)
declaration and definition for Array-based implementation of the list (constructor, obviously few virtual functions)
declaration and definition for Poiner-based implementation of the list (constructor, destructor, obviously few virtual functions)

main.cpp {
string input;
ABCList<string> * list;
list = new LinkedList<string>(); //1 error
delete list; //2 error
return 0;

1 error: "Allocating an object of abstract class type 'LinkedList".
2 error: "Delete called on 'ABCList<string>' that is abstract but has non-virtual destructor".

I have constructor for LinkedList, so the objects can be initialized.
Why does computer think LinkedList is an Abstract Data Type?
What can be the potential problem?
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You have a pure virtual member function that's making your class abstract.

Because you don't have a virtual destructor, delete list; will not call `~LinkedList()' but only `~ABCList()'
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