Need HELP! *Please :)*

So, ive been working on this program for a couple of weeks for my csc 250 class. After turning in a broken program my teacher is alowing me to make up half of the credit i missed by turning in a working program. I can send my code if your interested and hopefully you can help me? We use visual studios (idk if that matters with like matching up code or anything) please let me know asap as the redo is due tomorrow!
Hi, can I know what are you working on???
Maybe I can help?
Yeah, its just a program for my csc 250 class. I dont want someone to just do it for me, i just have some issues after its all said and done that i cant seem to get figured out. The prompt calls it a "database checker" but really its just a program that passes in a binary filed with user information (like your "file" at a doctors office) checks it for errors, and checks its formatting. then passes results that succeed to a new binary file, and results that fail to a text file with error messages so the user could correct. I could link to the prompt?
So there is an error in your program? Could it be possible for you to paste the code and the error?
Well, yeah. but im not sure the error. i just know the program isnt working like it should. But it is ALOT of code. If it would be best to post it i would be happy too. maybe if this site has sort of a private message function it would be better though?
btw, thanks for even offering help at this hour haha! dedicated programming helper osgwsy
Yes, you can send private message to me :)
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