Which Book to Buy, C++ Primer 4th edition or 5th edition

Hi Everyone,

I am an absolute beginner in C++ and right now I am going through the C programming language. With that in mind, please suggest me one of the books between C++ Primer 4th edition and C++ Primer 5th edition.

I have heard a lot about the 4th edition and its the best book for ages ... :)
However, before buying it I searched the net and came to know that there is another new 5th edition to the book which covers C++11 Standard.

I have a question here,
Is it required for me to buy the 5th edition since I am learning the C++ language for the first time ?
Or, just Vice versa, I mean, not buy the 5th edition and go for the 4th one .... learn it ... master it ... and then come back to 5th edition .... to learn C++11 standard if its required :)

My plan is to return to education and pursue MS from CMU(I already got through) and I am not sure which book out of this 2 edition will give me a good platform ?

I will be highly grateful to you guys for your help to solve this conundrum :)
Thanks in anticipation !!
Get newest book. C++11 standard is current C++ version, old standard is supported only because of compatibility issues. You don't learn old innacurate physics formulas and disproved biological theories, do you? So it is better to start with newest and more correct version of C++.
Dont buy a book if u are having an internet connection, u can get tutorials, related articles, everything from previous versions of C++ to C++ 11 & wat may come in the next versions of C++, API's, sample codes from internet websites, just scribble down its contents Index from a book in library, then you can look it up on internet.
Like anirudh said - book are obsolete when you have valid internet connection. Just type c++ tutorial in search engine and you will be given hundreds if not thousands of them.

If you will find a problem you cant solve alone, post it here.
Manish Pandey,

Go straight to the 5th edition. All that you need from the 4th will be in the 5th.
I own the 5th edition and I find it pretty good. All new stuff related to C++11 is clearly indicated which is very nice.
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