Red Alert. The greatest strategy game of our childhood?

Hi, maaassive question to ask.

After they release Red Alert 3, Electronic Arts released the 1996 PC game 'Command and Conquer: Red Alert" as Freeware. The original C++ source code was distributed on the internet under a free license, meaning anyone could copy/modify it. It was commonly called FreeRA (there's another one called OpenRA which I'm not interested in).

My question: where can I find the original source code for FreeRA and the Sprites to go with it?

Can anyone help?

I would say your best bet would be Github, but I can't seem to find any results for that game there. I wouldn't know of anywhere that might specifically have what you're looking for, though, unfortunately.

Edit: I lied, this may be what you're looking for:
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Interesting! I'll look into this. But where do you think you can get the sprites from?
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