Icon for folder

hiiiiiiii everyone

Is there any function or manner in cpp help us to introduce and icon to a folder

thanks a lot
any help
I think that is OS related question.
But if you wanted to add icon to executable file that is easily done.
Thanks a lot @zoran404

I would like to know it too if you dont mind
You mean how to add icon to exe file?
If you use wxdev just open your project, go to project options (Alt + P) and in tab General on the left bottom side you'll see options for adding icon.
Thanks but I meant with code that how I like doing stuff
Idk how to change icon with code.
What are you actually trying to do?
I know that seams wow, I'am just wondring if there is a maner to do so ,I did icons for exe using VS and I read that It can be done by some programs but I thought that can be done with programs ,I am not now.

thanks a lot @Zoran404 hope to see you soon
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