Multiplayer mod using c++ (get data from application)

Hello. I was considering attempting to make a mod for a singleplayer video game which would add multiplayer.

Although I know some network programming, my problem is that I have no idea how, if possible, I can access data from this game. Say, for instance, I need the player's position in the game, so that my application could send it through a socket to another player. How would I go about getting the player's position from the game itself and sending it to my application?

I have no way to access the game's source code and so I cannot edit it, nor do I know in what variable the player's position is stored, etc.
Also, if this is possible, how could I "inject" data back into the game? For instance, if I (1)retrieve the player position from player1's game,(2)send it to player1's instance of my application,and (3)send it to player2's instance of my application, then how would I send it into player2's game and draw the other player? Thanks.
Look up how to make a game trainer. That will help you get the data you need. If you are using windows, then c# and I think vb make it much easier to get into other programs memory. But I don't do that stuff so I cannot say for sure.
Thanks, I will look into that!
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