Guessing Game Problem

I am having a problem with an C++ problem. The description can be found at UVA:

I am not sure I understand the rules correctly. The problem talks about strikes. For example for the case N = 7 and S = 2. We first have the numbers;

0 1 2 3 4 5 6

We then of course first guess 3 since this halves tithe guessing space. In the next step we have S = 1 so then we will not be told if we guessed higher or lower. Thus we guess 2. What happens after this? Do I get new guesses? In the next step I would then perhaps guess 1 and then if necessary we guess 0. Thus to cover all possible numbers we need 4 guesses which agrees with the example output. However, I have seen that for N = 15 and S=2 should be 5. Help me please understand the reules of this game.
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