Looking for a sending script

Hey Guys,

i hope i am getting help now in a international Forum. I am not really a C++ coder. But I need a script (a code) for a project.
First at all: sorry for my bad english, i am a student from germany ;)

So well, I am looking for a script which is sending "project.txt" every 2 minutes to a FTP Server or an email.

so it should be a simple code which is just waiting for 120 seconds, and then it should send it to the Server or email.
The way it happens isnt important. Its only important that it happens in background, so no cmd should be opened. I need it just to show and demonstrate it. Of course I will say the names of the people who helped me in my presentation, if they want it.

In google i only found scripts, which i have to compare. But i dont know, how to use them, so i have that problem.
Its important for my presentation that it will be written in C C++ or Visual C++!

Can someone please give me a script please?

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