Programmers from Sheffield, England (preferably teen)

May seem like a peculiar ask but I'm working on a large project (learning as i go) and I wanted somebody who'd like to be involved, not a pro at all, same crappy level as myself and creative.

I'm working on a 2D sprited game, currently still working on the basics of the engine but I want someone to work on it with me to get more ideas flowing round, making it easier to spot mistakes, and to reduce work load.

I live in Sheffield and I thought it'd be best that if I did have a partner that we should be in close contact and I also thought that similar ages and programming skills would make things go a lot smoother between us. (I'm 17 btw, in college)

So comment of p.m. me for more info or if you're interested?
(Sorry if anyone else believes this is a misuse of the forum but I'm not exactly sure where else one could look)
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The lounge is a better place to post things like this.

Cheers, Although I'm warned by the site not to duplicate post... And unfortunately there's no way to move topics on here so I'll let it stay for a while.
If I don't get much luck I'll try the lounge in a month or so
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I'd post this in the jobs section personally.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand. Here's a few questions regarding your engine that most users will be most curious about:

1) What genre does your engine specialise in?
2) Have you established a general architecture for the engine?
3) Which supporting libraries are you using (STL, Boost, etcetera)?
4) Have you established an open-source project on SourceForge, GitHub, etcetera?
5) How do you plan to communicate with fellow developers?
6) Do you have any preferences that one must conform to in order for you to accept their help?

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what do you mean you can move this to the jobs/lounge page
Well although still no replies of interest, I say thanks to @Framework because those are some good questions to think about for myself before I ask others to help.

Although the communication one, I was ideally hoping for personal contact (i.e. Why I asked for close by areas), failing that there's skype or the good old phone
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