code error in window form app but n't in console app

please help me with my project!
i write code for kinect camera, buid success when i used clr console application but i setup (pcl) like it in window form application then it show a lot of error
setup: VC++ directories(include file, lib..) linker/input...
thank you!
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Do you mean, when you try to compile from IDE it gives error and when you use cl.exe, the code compiles fine ?
i using point cloud library (like open cv) in visual studio 2012.when I setup it in console application, it ok. but setup like it in window form application=>a lot of error
#include <pcl/io/openni_grabber.h>////error
These looks to be link errors.

So, whichever version of Visual studio you are using. You need to go in project settings (properties) -> linker and there you need to add all the .lib files which you are using (in additional dependencies).
Also, you have to add the path of the folder where they are kept (additional library directories).

this will fix the build issues.
yes, i had already added all..., in window form application i convert configuration properties/general/common language runtime support form no commen runtime support to commen runtime support(/clr), then build success some file include but not all
#include <pcl/point_types.h> //success

#include <pcl/io/openni_grabber.h>////error

2 file include belong pcl library but one success , one error
i think have different betwen runtime support or properties
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The screen shot says, these are linking errors ? These should be fixed if you add the correct libraries.

I didnt see any compilation errors.
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