irc bot not working

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Hmm... even if I am not skilled perhaps I found an error... I mean... It seems to me that your connection routine doesn't actually use "server" and "port" to connect to IRC (I thought "port" was a number not char*...).

I am not sure of this, becouse it is a lot advanced for me (and too windows-specific... I am used to search and use a multi-platform library when I try to develop a thing in order to make source more portable and easier to develop/mantain). I cannot go deeper due to my limits
Some libraries take the port number as part of the host name, e.g. (this will work in your browser too).

In this case, though, you're right - he is misusing the parameters of getaddrinfo, among other problems.
I don't know, what I've done, but it works :D
thanks for help
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