i/o streams

While the voter’s roll (file VotersRoll.dat) is processed, a new updated voters’ roll (another file called UpdatedVoters.dat) is created simultaneously. Take care to make sure that all the voters on the original voters’ roll also appear in the updated voters’ roll. Test your program with the following data:

19810102009 1 0
19792003008 2 0
19851010890 3 1
19900909897 2 0
19561812567 6 0
19682703345 7 1

Voters that want to vote:

Not sure if this is enough information but I will try give an example:

so, the number 19900909897 is not wanting to vote but I must still print it to the UpdatedVoters.dat. How would I loop through the VotersRoll.dat to only find 19900909897?
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