Extract Certain Cells from an Excel File Using C++

Hey everyone,

I was hoping you can help me figure out how to extract certain cells for an excel file that is continuously updating. I had a look at http://www.libxl.com/ since they provide a .h library that is useful for this situation, but could not find any code that would help. Any input will be great, thanks!

Check out the sheet class here:

It looks like you have access to a few good functions, specifically:
CellType cellType(int row, int col) const;
const wchar_t* readStr(int row, int col, Format** format = 0);
double readNum(int row, int col, Format** format = 0) const;

@Stewbond - the library to which you supplied a link is for Excel 97-2003, i.e. using the old COM interface. If @tmlee2 is wanting to interface with a newer version of Excel then that won't work as MS now use a compound file inside a ZIP file inside the compound file are a load of XML files. I have used the COM interface and you don't need to pay a 3rd party for a wrapper library to access it. I am also writing a library to interface with the new compound file structure used by Excel now.

So, @tmlee2 which version of Excel are you talking about?
Thanks for your guys help, I will be using an Excel newer then 2003 edition. @ajh32 can you please explain more about it. Thanks.
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Thanks for your help I will give them a read slash try. Do you know if this method will work with an excel program that is continuously being updated. I will want the newest updated numbers from a specific column and extract them.
You will need an instance of Excel running for you to connect to it programatically. As for continuously updating the content and extracting that, I don't see why not. How much data is going to be changed, and how will you know which data to check?
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