vs 2008 project properties

Apologies if this is another simple problem but relative newbie again:

i am using VS 2008 and have managed to work out how to include my own library files etc into projects. However it seems that I always have to set Project Properties each time for each new project (configuration properties- c/c++-general-additional include and lib directories plus config properties-linker-input-additional dependencies).

I know how to do this but, is there any way to keep these settings permanently set as a sort of template project maybe?

Thanks for any advice
the settings are stored in the *.vcxproj file. you can copy it and remove the unwanted files.

It is an XML file, you may even theoretically edit those file by hand
VS2008 files are .vcproj.

.vcxproj files were introduced with VS2010.

I've always thought there ought to be some way to create a new project template that had custom include files, warning levels ..., but I never really looked into it. But you're right, it is a pain.
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