Wheir should I begin?

I am a 17 years old and am doing game programming at school. Im very lucky to be doing it at school because my school very nice, but i have no help besides for this book and some internet sites that are not blocked. I am wondering if I should start where I am at because this is definatly the career I want to go into. The book I have is Michael Dawson's "Beginning C++ Game Programming" but should I begin with this? I'm using Dev-C++ for the IDE like it says in the book but is this wheir I should start. Thank you if you can help me!
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Make sure you're using the Orwell version of Dev-C++, the other versions are really old and don't support C++ correctly. If you want experience with command-line compilers, I'd recommend clang++ (it works in Windows with MinGW) as it has the best support for C++11 (the latest version of C++ that was released in 2011).

You can use the tutorial, reference, and articles on this site, and there is also another reference:

Googling things often brings up stack overflow Q&As, which are generally very helpful. We'll also help you if you post in these forums.

There's also online compilers:

When it comes to books, check the reviews and such, as there are actually a lot of really *bad* C++ books that will only hurt you - it is important to find the good ones.

You're definitely in a good place to start - I started programming at 11 with no formal teaching on the subject - everything I learned was from online resources. I have a good deal of knowledge and know good practices, but I am only missing experience from doing projects or internships. If you have time (I don't) you should work on various projects. Don't feel bad if you never finish them - they're just for the experience.
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thank you for the help. I will check out these resources, thank you so much! sorry about the late reply, as i said i only do this at school, I have no support at home. Is their a way i can add you as a contact because i will be on here a lot of the time.
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It's not polite to stay in contact with only specific members of the forum, it's better to post topics for everyone to see and respond to.
I'm sorry I not really up to snuff with forums, since the only time i get to go on a computer is at school, but thank you, and I don't think you would be the only one I add as a contact if I could, but that's okay.
I would also suggest getting a mathematics book related to game programming. May be 3D maths primer. You don't have to be an expert but by knowing the terms, you could relate to whats going on.
Thank you, I will look up on this. So book's would be the best approach you would say?
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The benefit of books is that you would get all at one place, in order and complete information.

Online tutorials are good and some are excellent but they are not complete. One has to look for correct sequences and then we cannot be sure if you missed anything.

i always prefer books. I read reviews on amazon and selects the one which suits me.
Always read the reviews on a book before you buy it - there are a lot of published C++ books that teach incorrect things or worse.
Well I thank you both again for your help, and lucky the book I got was written well for beginners, which I am glad of. Also I have a question about the online IDE's you gave me, do the still have the same output as the DEV-C++ IDE I downloaded, because this book i got was published in 2004, so quite a while ago but still has quite a bit of knowledge in it.
As we have said, you should not use Dev-C++ because it is old and does not correctly compile C++ like modern compilers do. If you really want to use Dev-C++, use the Orwell version which is updated for C++11 (C++11 is the latest version of C++ that was released in 2011, 7 years after your book was published)
OK, sorry for making you repeat yourselves like that. I will get to doing my coding on Orwell's IDE!
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