Encryption / Decryption

I will get right to the point.
Am trying to encrypt a char Array with binary data.
I am doing this as an learning experience and am not out to do something fancy.
A couple of days of reading and I stile feel stupid.

I think I understand the basic of Encryption / Decryption but I fail to see how to implement something.

I am trying to have a "key" that needs entered so the data can become readable \ executable. The program I am encrypting is a small console window with a message with the text "A secret message from your friend" (Not that it matters) :p.

Can anyone please give me a small example as I have no clue on how to do this.
I have the binary data witch I can copy and what not. But how go about Encryption and then decrypt it and not destroying the data. Sorry for beging and thanks for reading.

If you have an algorithm, it's just a matter of encoding it in C++.

Do you have an algorithm?
No i have been looking at RC6 and AES but at the moment.
I fail to see how to implement somthing in C++.
Thats way i was hoping on a example the ones i have found are not realy commented at all.

Is there any reason you're not using a library for this?
I have been having truble understanding crypto++.
I found a class http://www.darkside.com.au/ice/ice-doc-C++.html
This class was right up my ally but from what i understand this will not work with binary data.
Please correct me if am wrong.

Do anyone know about some other classes with the friendly look\ interface that i can studdy\ use with out the need for in depth understanding of encryption.

It's common to use OpenSSL for crypto stuff. It's tricky to use, but it works.

In my experience, there are a few out there with nice interfaces, but unfortunately don't work.

I'd expect any crypto library to work with binary data; after all, there's nothing special about binary data.

EDIT: Those unsigned char* things in the interface imply binary data support.
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When using encryption and decryption, it is much better to use tried and tested encryption methods as apposed to writing your own. The tried and tested methods are much more robust against attack than anything you could write yourself. Therefore I suggest you follow the advice given by @kbw and investigate the OpenSSL library, this is the same advice I often give. I have used the OpenSSL library for many years and have never had any problems with it. I would also advise to buy the book on OpenSSL (I don't have it with me so cannot give you the ISBN, suggest you Google for it, it maybe in the O'Reilly stable).
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