I want stuff made plz...

I want to know if someone will make a completely new browser for windows that supports different web languages. This will make the internet get larger and perhaps they can have it on something different than http it could be different letters :// Please make this. If you make it then I will make websites in a different langauge I will learn the new langauge or languages.
thats true there has to be already existent source code to read languages like c++ and basic and stuff there is source code that teaches how to make a broswer maybe you could throw something together for me
A change in protocol is not feasible. As every website around the world would have to support it. And since HTTP 2.0 is coming out it is unlikely that the current protocol that website would change from HTTP 2.0 to another protocol. However a new browser is certainly possible. I would start here: http://www.chromium.org/developers

If you understand C++ you should be drastically edit this browsers code. It does use a the new HTTP 2.0 protocol that is new but also widely accepted. It far faster than many other browser as well. I hope this helps.
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