Getline() for vector<strings>

I am attempting to work an print a getline code for example...

//Don't worry about the #includes and int main(). I am good enough at this to know the start of a program.

//I want to be able to put spaces in between words so i cant just use int.

vector <string> example [3][5]
cout << "What is it you would like to input?" << endl;
cin.getline(cin, example [3][5]
Could you explain in detail what (is supposed to) happen on rows 5 and 7?
see my last post to @RadCod3Win, where i have given an example of how to put a string inside a vector. that would help.
example is an two-dimensional array to vector<string>, so example[3][5] will:
a) accessing out of bounds
b) be the type of vector<string> and cannot be passed to getline.
I want to be able to print words with spaces to a txt file.
For each line, you need to getline into a string and push the string onto the vector.
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