Need Help IN C++

Hello Guys Im 14 and i really want to learn C++ Programing as part of my future job And I was wondering If Anyone can tutor me over skype for FREE Because i have watched Many Videos And Im More of a 1V1 person So PLease Help
Currently I am Using Dev=C++ Because im poor and i dont hav the Money to Buy A Big Company C++Program W/Compiler SO Please Help
I Live in Texas So Central Time IM usually on skype from 5:00-9:30
Pm if u want to help or Post to the Forum Thank You
Most good compilers are free, there is no reason to use the outdated Dev-C++ (at the very least, use the Orwell version which is updated)
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Well what do u recomend me to get
You can have Code::Blocks :
Or Microsoft Visual C++ Express :
Both are free and good working.

To learn C++ you'll have to be patient and the best way I can recommend you to learn it is to get a book, even if you are a "1V1 person".

Here is a good book for beginners :

(PDF Version : )
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well I too am some what(most would call me) a begginer. Would you want to do a project together so that we can learn more together?
Dicrols I would But i really wouldnt be any help cuz i litteraly Know nothing and
I have a Book But i will check out the PDF Version.
And I know It Takes a Long time to learn t thank you for your information very helpful.
and are there any other downloads i need to get for express or CodeBlocks
Code::Blocks during installation should ask if you want the GNU compiler

Express, well idk. I got the DirectX SDK to make sure it would compile correctly

DirectX SDK -
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Thank you ima use that but when I learn a little about coding and learn a little code then i will Hit you up for a project if you have skype you can contact me on there
I do know that a step in the right direction for any programming language would be to have (and exhibit) the use of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

For example, words like "cuz", "litteraly", "wouldnt", "u", "im", and many more do not indicate that you're even the slightest bit ready to tackle any language at all.

Tackle the basics of proper human communication, then worry about giving computers a set of instructions.
Bro i can Type regular if i want to,
so please don't Dis me. Not very nice man.
and your information wasn't any bit helpful Thank you.
No actually not regular I mean in proper Grammar.
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Dude just because he types like this doesn't mean it's gonna be the same with programming. Plus if he does in programming and still understands it, well then that's good. Memory is good to have plus if its open source then he gives others a challenge.

Yeah, when ur ready we can go about with Skype. But school u know?
Or FaceTime you know if Skype for iPad doesn't do the video thing.
Well im in central time so im in school from 7:30am to 3:35pm i don't get home till about 5:00 And i can be contacted through Facebook (which im not on much ), Skype, and Dolby AxonSO Pm me for my info.]
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