guiding please

this is whay i have so far the key is to write a program that test both if then else statments and switch statements. the program i a weather program tha will help you decide if you need to bring an umbrella,a coat or both. also i have to put it in a loop so it can run whenever i need to make a decioin.

#include < iostream>
using namespace std;

int temperature;
int average wind speedy;
int clear;
int cloudy;

int main()
int (temperature);
cout << "\n temperatue above 70F" << endl;
cin >> "no coat";

if int (average wind speed);
cout << "\n wind above 10 miles per hour and cloudy" << endl;
cin >> "bring coat, bring umbrella";

if int (clear);
cout << "\n clear" <<endl;
cin >> "no umbrella" ;

if int ( cloudy);
cout << "\n cloudy" << endl;
cin >> "bring umbrella" ;

system ("pause") ;
return 0;
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