which graphics library is best

I am fairly proficient with c++ and am now attempting to learn graphics programming. I would be interested to know which you feel is best for a real newbie to this subject to learn: Direct 2D, SDL or SFML?
I'd recommend SFML for someone new to the way of things.

I share the same opinions of Disch below.
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Avoid SDL 1.2 like the plague. It's horribly archaic.

SDL 2.0 (aka SDL HG) supposedly fixes its problems but I haven't tried it yet myself.

I also really like SFML. Though again, take SFML 2.0 over SFML 1.6 (although SFML 1.6 is still pretty decent).

I tend to shy away from DirectX. I've worked with it in the past and it was not pleasant. Unless they really changed the way they do things I definitely would not recommend it for beginners.

Guide for getting SFML 2.0 set up in MSVS:

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Thanks to you both for the advice.
It looks like trying SFML 2.0 then
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