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Hi everyone. We have a project which is given by our lecturer and we don't move on this project. Firstly our game :
Our primary programming language is C. We codified ball function but there is a some mistakes. We don't fix it and carry out the idea to cutting function. We use alleg.lib and work on Visual C++ 2010
Express.We don't have an idea about ball's moving after cutting the image. Balls move as - no vertical no horizontal - cross. They move on different places
and different way. They pass through each other and they are flicker.Double buffering doesn't work that there is two ball on the screen. Can you help us?

#include <allegro.h>

void Baslat();
void Bitir();
void moveBall()

int main() {
while (!key[KEY_ESC]) {

int width = 220;//width of box
int height = 440;//height of box
int radius = 5;//radius of ball

int x = 110;//initial position of ball
int y = 220;//initial position of ball

int tempX;
int tempY;

//Keep track of direction of motion here.
//0= northwest 1 = southwest, 2 = northeast,
//3 = southeast
int dir;

return 0;

void Baslat() {
int depth, res;
depth = desktop_color_depth();
if (depth == 0) depth = 32;
res = set_gfx_mode(GFX_AUTODETECT_WINDOWED, 640, 480, 0, 0);
if (res != 0) {

void Bitir() {

void moveBall(){
//Save current location of ball.
tempX = x;
tempY = y;

case 0:
//Direction is northwest.
if((x <= radius) || (y <= radius)){
//Ball has collided with either the left wall or
// the top wall.
//Get a new direction. Note that if the new
// direction is the same as the old one, control
// will come back to here to get still another
// direction the next time the functionis called.
dir = rand() % 4;
//No collision, set new location for the ball
}//end else
case 1:
//Direction is southwest.
if(((x <= radius) || (y >= (height - radius)))){
//get a new direction
dir = rand() % 4;
//set new location for the ball
}//end else
case 2:
//Direction is northeast.
if(((x >= (width - radius)) || (y <= radius))){
//get a new direction
dir = rand() % 4;
//set new location for the ball
}//end else
case 3:
//Direction is southeast
if((((x >= (width - radius)) ||
(y >= (height - radius))))){
//get a new direction
dir = rand() % 4;
//set new location for the ball
}//end else

}//end switch

This is not working exactly. We have some problems that cutting shape and bouncing ball. We make bouncing ball but the ball is flicker. Double buffering is not work on it. Our another problem is that two balls ,which are in the shape, through pass each other. How can we fix that?
So our another problem - i think it is a big problem - that we don't cut the shape. What can we do to make it?

We don't have an idea about slicing the shape. Can you help us? And you send the function better than that
We hurry up because we should finish this project in 6 days.

Note : We are using Allegro v4.2.3.

Is there someone who help us with a simple codes?
We decided to use one ball. So we need a cutting function which is suitable for one ball in the shape immediately. Can you help us in soon?

It might interest you reading this book, but I know that you need alleg 4

With the balls problem passing each other, it can be fixed if you learn about collision

When x of the fist ball touches the x of the other ball, they get backward speed, meaning -speed
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