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Using an enum defined in class
Hello everyone. I am trying to write a game in C++ with SDL, and I have a class that allows me to...
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Initializing generic type that can be both primitive and object
I have defined my own class, Queue, which inherits from my own class, LinkedList. I have been using ...
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by Danja
C++ maze
Hello, I've been working on a C++ maze assignment but I've become stuck -- below is the code I ha...
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Program help
PART I Put all the code in a .doc file and include a UML diagram for the Airplane class. You can u...
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C++ Two Dimensional Array with Pointor
int sum(int (*ar2) , int size); // I dont know what the ar2 is going on int main(){ i...
[4 replies] Last: @alantheweasel int sum(int (*ar2) , int size); // I dont know what th... (by vlad from moscow)
error: no matching function for call to ...
When I run this program this build message appears: no matching function for call to Alpha::Alpha(Al...
[4 replies] Last: oh, I didn't put arguments! i'm so stupid! Thank you for your help! (by konakona)
undefined symbol
hello,i am creating a program that uses an indexList class and a class designed to store terms (5X^1...
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bar graph for character count?
Hi. i am working on an assignment to count the amount of words, sentences and questions in a string,...
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by ar2007
Invalid fastbin entry
Hi. Anyone can help me with this error Message? Thx The program raises a runtime error *...
[7 replies] Last: hmmm... when your string is empty you cannot access some index >=0. Fo... (by writetonsharma)
by coder1
sorting struct
struct a { int num1; int num2; }; a array ; how can i sort this array on num1? should ...
[8 replies] Last: Requires C++11: #include <algorithm> struct A { int x, y; }; int... (by LB)
help help with loop
i have 2 assignments to do ,so i did the both of the programs but still i have errors and i couldn't...
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please help, solve with recursion
Area of the room Your task is to write a program that will find the area of room in a given square...
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depth of a tree
i have come across this code for calculating the depth of a binary tree. int maxDepth(Node *&temp...
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by Nobun
Code Policy Suggestion (subject: inheritance)
In order to read/write a binary format "on the fly", that can have very different binary structure d...
[11 replies] Last: Thank for all... and for that prebuilt MinGW with boost... even I am n... (by Nobun)
Fastest Way to Calculate Fibbonacci
What is the most efficient way to calculate Fibonacci. Is it recursion with memorization, is it iter...
[1 reply] : The Binet formula, nearest integer to φ n /sqrt(5) Or you could cal... (by Cubbi)
some one explain this to me
Display the remainder of the square of numbers from 100 to 10. This square of numbers must be divisi...
[3 replies] Last: this question gave by our teacher and i also feel this question make n... (by tjnapster555)
dev c++
wht is "using namespace std"
[6 replies] Last: a namespace is something which is used to help limit scope. Let's s... (by Stewbond)
trouble with pointers
Hy there! Its my first time here, because i have not had a problem like this before. The program has...
[4 replies] Last: pom = (elt*)malloc(1*sizeof(elt)); pom = prvi; ... (by Catfish3)
Need constructive criticism for Quadratic equation calculator 2.0! (1,2)
Hello. I require constructive criticism for my new quadratic equation calculator, 2.0 Thank you. ...
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Spot the Difference
I wrote a piece of code for a spoj problem, and after about an hour of struggling, I looked up the a...
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