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Becoma an employed c++ programmer?
This will be quite personal but I need to ask some professional employed programmers of what they th...
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by kabuki
What is it like in the field?
First off, I'm new to C++. So I want to know what is it like to be in the actual field? Is it writin...
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[Help] Movie Ratings - 2d Arrays
I have completed all my source code, aside from being able to go through my 2d array and find the hi...
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NewLine Creates an Equal Sign with new Line in Fstream
I am making an application that compresses CSS/HTML/JS Files by removing white space and other thing...
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(SDL) Button wont show on screen
Hello, I'm trying to make a button appear on the program using SDL but it doesn't show. When compile...
[4 replies] Last: I see, it was my bad. I was thinking more like making the button appea... (by tianajrp)
area under curve help
Hi, I've been using C++ to calculate the approx area under a graph with trapezium rule. The graph I...
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Replace array with number if
Could someone help me with this problem I have? Basically I have to generate an array of 8 numbers a...
[1 reply] : if(c >a) { c =100; cout<<c <<" "; } How is c ever goin... (by AbstractionAnon)
std::move function and its argument
Hi, I've been reading about r-value references and the fact that they can't bind to l-values. But ...
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How my program to loo like this Sample Input 3 3 5 4 1 2 1 3 3 1 Sample Output 3 5 4 ...
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Help with the code!!
Why is the code taking more than 9 inputs? (1 Input= 4 integers separated by spaces on a single lin...
[1 reply] : Probably because you are accessing the matrix out of bounds, affecting... (by ne555)
Help with the code!! Urgent
I need to set the cells with the distance from the center such that val =0. Eg: 4 3 2 3 4 3 2 1 2 3 ...
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I need help on coding this program (1,2)
Create a program that will ask the user to input his/her birth month and birth date. The program s...
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Having trouble reading input from file
I have data in a data file eg. 31 1 1193 Ages Ago 15 7 2011 Description Here 6 5 2011 Which is able...
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by sprelf
Heap corruption problem
So I just started trying out some multithreaded programming for the first time, and I've run into th...
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The program would not compile..
Here is what I have to do: Write a C++ program to "draw" ellipses by printing characters, to the fo...
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by rossig
declaration can't solve the overloaded address function - compiler error
Hello everyone, I have the following line, as I understood in the examples, I should be able to writ...
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DarkGDK Problem
So I had my friend download the directx 9.0 runtime optional components stuff that is needed for dar...
[2 replies] Last: for development process ,we have to use Directx 9.0 SDK, not "directx ... (by Benjay)
by Aarix
Hows this?
Hello guys I suck at martix operations and decided to make this, im pretty proud of myself since ...
[1 reply] : Wouldn't this be easier in a 2D array instead? Then you could simply p... (by Volatile Pulse)
Is it possible to edit the cin input buffer?
Is it possible to start a cin that already has text in it? So like the input buffer already contains...
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Why do people measure code in "lines"
It doesn't mean anything seeing how some people leave more comments than others and other things lik...
[5 replies] Last: There has been many topics covering this, but later on down the road, ... (by Volatile Pulse)
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