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Computer Improved Guessing Inteligence
Why isn't this working? I know its not right but I thought it out and still not working. I'm trying ...
[4 replies] Last: (rand() % max) = 0 to max (not including max) (rand() % max) + min = 0... (by Zephilinox)
DarkGDK Question
I don't know if anyone knows this but what do I need to include along with my exe and graphics/sound...
[3 replies] Last: SxS came after my time, but you're supposed to be able to use sxstrace... (by Athar)
by sdj
C plus plus template inheritance
template <class Type> class counter { public : counter(Type N=0) { data = N; } ...
[2 replies] Last: It is called that to pass argument N that is specified in the derived ... (by vlad from moscow)
How To Initialize static data members?
I'm getting another error when I try to compile. It's telling me I must initialize my static data me...
[5 replies] Last: god forbid if you need to think for yourself a little bit. (by closed account o1vk4iN6)
What is the error in this piece of code? vector< vector<int> > mat(5,5),crtLvl(25,2),nxtLvl(25,2); ...
[1 reply] : Maybe it is the result that you neither specified nested nema as for e... (by vlad from moscow)
output of printf("%d %d %d",a++,a++,++a);
how can be the output of following code 7 6 8 int a=5; printf("%d %d %d",a++,a++,++a);
[3 replies] Last: What i have read in a book that order of evaluation of arguments of a ... (by aish sbg)
Annoying Error
So I keep getting a million unresolved external symbol errors when I try to compile my program, I'll...
[2 replies] Last: Maybe you should define your class tower as abstract. In this case its... (by vlad from moscow)
need help in doing something
i'm just starting to understand c++ and i need to make an image of 321 using "*" this can anyone hel...
[3 replies] Last: for (int i = 3; i > 0 ; i--){ switch(i){ case 1:... (by RonSalm)
convert (int) Dec to Bin
Hi, I working a converter from Dec to Bin (DEC) 5 == (0B101) must's: - writing Right to Le...
[3 replies] Last: Why not just print the bitset? #include <iostream> #include <bitset>... (by Cubbi)
Compile Error in Template - missing ;
Normally this would be a quick fix, but this is really becoming frustrating and I need a fresh pai...
[1 reply] : I fixed this by not including Filter.h and using it's base class, chan... (by clanmjc)
My classes are talking to each other correctly
I have a class (WavPlayer) with a member function fillBuffer(). BUFFER WavPlayer::fillBuffer(){...
[4 replies] Last: If you're not sure where and why it is called twice, set a breakpoint... (by clanmjc)
Round down a int number in c++
Hi, How can I round down an int number in c++? What I want to do is basically round down a num...
[3 replies] Last: You guys are awesome! Thanks a lot. I'm always amazed about how quick... (by fstigre)
getting type from lambda c++11
Hi all, Is there any way of creating a variable which type is the result of some lambda expression. ...
[5 replies] Last: Yes! The lambda is just a way of evluating a closure, and since you ar... (by viliml)
Help me wrap my head around pointers and iterators. (1,2,3)
As a lot of you have seen before, I have issues understanding pointers. They just don't click for me...
[43 replies] Last: thanks, didn't really think about it, but I guess its because I'm usin... (by Zephilinox)
loading xml file from memory (hard disk)
I need help regarding how we can load xml file from loacal file system in C++
[5 replies] Last: thanks for the help of all you guys.... I have managed to parse xml us... (by mnasiriqbal)
SFML, can't figure out how to store a texture in a class
I'm trying to get my player class to hold its texture and sprite, but in this test I'm just doing te...
[1 reply] : pfft, so every other thread gets half a dozen of replies and my sad l... (by Zephilinox)
fatal error LNK1120: 3 unresolved externals
I am a beggenner attempting to actually write C++ program (writing a text based RPG), I'm stuck with...
[2 replies] Last: The bigger problem here is that you don't understand how coding in C++... (by Moschops)
Arguements in throw
I have a doubt regarding the possible arguments in throw. As far I have read in Robert Lafore ,it g...
[1 reply] : throw can throw ANYTHING! It can be an exception class, a fundamental ... (by viliml)
Vector problem
Hi, i've been doing some programming for a while, and im using a C++ book that i've bought. But then...
[5 replies] Last: Thank for everything! Jmadsen, you are those one of those guys who mak... (by DaHappy)
by cniper
.exe file has stopped working windows trying to find solution
i am writing a program where i have to perform different operation using float arrays. here is my co...
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