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kbhit problem
HI i wrote a program that terminates when the Crtl-C is pressed however it doesn't work.Can someone ...
[4 replies] Last: Ctrl+C is ascii 3, did you try that? (by ToniAz)
classes object oriented programming help
This program has a lot of errors how do I do it? The problem is to develop a billing system of a ...
[1 reply] : To understand classes you need to understand encapsulation. The whole... (by Disch)
If Syntax error
I get two annoying if syntax errors when I try to compile my program. Here's the code that has the e...
[1 reply] : player looks like a class name. cplayer is your object. so line 2 pro... (by Disch)
String error with header file
I'm working on an RPG (text based) for a school project. My teacher suggested using a header file fo...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks, I'll try that. As with the character array; thought it might u... (by tyriuth)
$80 000 for the Best Programmers!
Programmers, both experts and beginners, have a great chance to earn $80 000. Registration of the Si...
[2 replies] Last: If I could create an algorithm good enough to accurately predict the f... (by cnoeval)
Working with WinHTTP, totally lost
For starters, I'm a rank amateur. I accept this. My education in C++ was 1 class and about 100 hours...
[7 replies] Last: I worked with winhttp, and I ended up creating a reasonable wrapper. B... (by exiledAussie)
Special Help
Hi all, While I have posted a few posts in this forum, I understand that I still haven't used all o...
[2 replies] Last: Regarding how to ask for help, I agree with cnoeval. Regarding your p... (by exiledAussie)
Common Code Base
Can anyone tell me what is meant by a "common code base"? Please explain it in a simple language. T...
[2 replies] Last: RE: Moschops Does this mean a generic library? (by majidkamali1370)
So I'm using GetOpenFileName(), and it works. No issues there, found a tutorial and it works great. ...
[8 replies] Last: Also, while (fileFound == 0){ fileFound = GetOpenFileName(&... (by htirwin)
Shared Memory in DLL
Hi ppl!! My problem is simple. I'm supposed to implement a counter that counts how applications/ins...
[9 replies] Last: Atoms are really old and go way back. Early WIN16 subsystems use them... (by kbw)
by ToniAz
C++11 Compiler?!
Hello everyone! I was reading in the cplusplus forum just now the following code: #include ...
[11 replies] Last: @Disch: [quote=firedraco]"obscene"? Is this also obscene? int array ... (by viliml)
reading .dbf files
i read from meny resources and understood about dbf structure. these files are included header , De...
[no replies]
Getting drives connected
Hi, i would like to know how i can get an array containing the drives connected to the computer ma...
[2 replies] Last: But what if a drive type has a more then one letter name? i found thi... (by timmoth)
search map using both 1 index and 2 index
Is there any avaliable class support this? xxmap m; findmap(key1); findmap(key1, key2);
[3 replies] Last: perhaps map<key1, {multi}map<key2, value>> would do what you need? f... (by Cubbi)
Getting error expected expression before ; token
Hi, I have to modify code of putty and i port it on codeblocks and compile code i am getting erro...
[1 reply] : Post enum.c. (by helios)
Permutation issue
Some errors... please help. What I am trying to do is reading an array of characters from a file (on...
[4 replies] Last: OP is still missing the declaration, even if it's in <algorithm>, whic... (by AbstractionAnon)
class + std::async not working together.
Can't get even to compile this. What am I doing wrong? #include <vector> #include <future> using ...
[3 replies] Last: Asked the question in stackoverflow and got the answer there. http:/... (by wizulis)
by m4wk
Working with pointers & queues; syntax problem!
Hey guys, can someone give me a little help with my c++ program I am trying to work on? Here is t...
[3 replies] Last: It's ok to post C. We look at C issues here too. (by kbw)
No source available for ”gsl_permute_char() “
Hi all, I use the gnu scientific library gsl . My application compiles and link well. But when i...
[1 reply] : The error came from a misuse of gsl_ran_shuffle just before the call... (by lalebarde)
short array to ??
Hi, This is my C++ problem. I get back a short array from a system-call that's dedicated to system ...
[8 replies] Last: Good to hear that there is no performance penalty. Would be intere... (by Kitesurfer1962)
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