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Question about IDE
On Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio is the obvious choice - it's feature-rich, and is straightforwar...
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Implement iterator
I read somewhere that it is possible to implement an `iterator` through defining begin/end methods, ...
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by rnima
How to deallocate an array
How can i make sure I delete my array, my destructor is not being called and now i have memory leak....
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by rnima
How to allocate an array
Completed question, thanks!
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Grading code
When I try to run my code, after 2 tries, the average does not compute. I have to compile again for...
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by ggwm
The data does not send over socket from client to the server
Hello all. I have no c++ skills, so please don't be harsh with me. I have a client and server scr...
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Login systems for multiple users
Hi everyone. I'm a c++ beginners and trying to make a simple login system for multiple users. New us...
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by Ganado
Thank you for solution
Sounds like a reasonable assignment, but what specifically are you having trouble with? We aren't a ...
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Averaging grades with multiple courses
I am trying to write a c++ code about averaging grades but with multiple courses. I did write it but...
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program => massive AST??
really quick question. If im in the middle of parsing code, do I eventually just make the entire pro...
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trouble with Time concersion between US time zones to UTC then converting to military time
I am attempting to take a meeting start and stop time, add an hour to the beginning and the end(auto...
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by Nico
Connect to SQL server
Hello, I am working on a program that parses a webpage to get its input data. The page some cont...
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Can someone help me understand this answer? Im taking an online course that has quizzes that doesn't...
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Need help accepting ordered pair of strings
Hi, I am trying to implement a way to accept an ordered pair of strings besides accepting the intege...
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playground as one-dimensional array
I want to find the neighbored cells of a playground, represented by a one-dimensional array. There i...
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Help with programmer defined exception classes
My question is that I am trying to create a user defined exception class that detects when the user ...
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LNK2019 / Undefined reference ERROR.
Hi, I am trying to compile and run an OOP Project but I keep getting 7 LNK2019 Errors everything loo...
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by dbabo
invalid use of non-static member function
Hello, i can't figure out the error. Appreciate your advise: error: src/mqqt.cpp: In member func...
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