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by vasimr
Static Library vs. Linking Question
Hello, Lets say that there is a large project that can be segmented into "modules". Is there any...
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Help with Turing Machine Sim?
Hello, This is my second semester taking c++ and one of our final projects is to make a Turing Machi...
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need help with functions
what im trying to do is have the person enter in a word and only display 5 of the letters of the wor...
[1 reply] : Line 20 is not legal C++, you must supply a size when you declare the ... (by cire)
Binary Search Tree
I'm working on a BST that will hold an instance of a class called Employees. My Search Tree is displ...
[13 replies] Last: You're welcome for the help. It's better for me than watching T.V. LO... (by closed account D80DSL3A)
[10 replies] Last: thankk youuu !! i fixed everything you pointed out but its still not w... (by hessaalj)
Small issue need help
I am trying to get a simple program to work but keep getting a LNK1561 error. What am i doing wrong ...
[4 replies] Last: main code #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include "average.... (by EGoodman)
Reading from a text file
Write a program that reads students' names followed by their test scores. the program should output...
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What is wrong with my code?
I've been working on this assignment for my programming class, but my last module is giving me issue...
[2 replies] Last: Yes!! Thank you! I got it working. I ended up just merging the last 2 ... (by SpanishViking13)
by bushi
why is it not working ?
i dont know wht is wrong with my view function no error showing but when i m going to the view funct...
[3 replies] Last: Also: bool found=true; You want to set found to false, otherwise it ... (by Vlykarye)
by paetim
Odometer Functions
can someone walk me through the steps to create this: Create a program that uses a class called Od...
[2 replies] Last: Write down on a piece of paper what the data members are. Determine ... (by pogrady)
Help with Access violation reading location.
Hello dear all c++ experts, I have headache and big problem, since I MUST submit my thesis code by c...
[1 reply] : x and/or y are null pointers when passed to chromcpy(). (by helios)
by bushi
my view function is not working properly
hye guyz i really need ur helppp..!! i have made this view function no error showing but when i go t...
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by paetim
Reversing Functions
My Assignment: Create a program that will ask the user for a string and then pass the string to a...
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by Dukats
Why do I get these errors?
Hey, having some trouble with my Visual studio. See the errors in the errorlist. Why do I get those...
[4 replies] Last: ┬┐how so? error: no match for `operator<<' in `std::cin << choosenNu... (by ne555)
problem clearing the buffer
I don't understand why temp name is making itself back to "" after tempScore and tempName aren't bei...
[1 reply] : Also, sometimes i feel like it reads past info that i've gotten score... (by ne555)
Help for programming
hey guys im very new to programming and i have this program which i do not understand at all. i woul...
[1 reply] : University of Waterloo Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.... (by b laden)
by m1m6
problem in insert function singly linked list
hello :) can any one tell is there any problem in the following code void LED::insert(char ...
[6 replies] Last: thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks :) it's work god bless u :) (by m1m6)
Editing a specific part of a line within a text file
Hi all, Alright, so I'm working on a project where I need to make an HR program to read a manage...
[2 replies] Last: That was pretty much what I did to read the file to add/delete/view th... (by buzynis2)
Assistance with classes and functions.
Hi, I am having a very difficult time with this. Yes, it's an assignment but I can't wrap my head a...
[6 replies] Last: Stewbond, Again, thank you very much for your help! A few tweaks fro... (by newB c PlusPlusGuy)
Overloading non-std operators
The comparison operator ( == ) is pretty useless when comparing doubles due to floating point errors...
[2 replies] Last: Too bad. I'll stick with conventional functions. (by Stewbond)
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