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How do I check if a template type is a template itself?
Good Afternoon, Is it possible to perform a check on a template type to determine if it is a temp...
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Memory managment
Hey there! Im curious a bit about placement some struct in memory. The question is next: Does i...
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Endian Issue, I Think
// a 64-bit number, zeroed out for now typedef unsigned long long UINT64; UINT64 x = 0x0000000000...
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File Streams Question
I have been looking for this specific method of reading from files, but I could not seem to find any...
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by xzbit
int main() { aes_context ctx; CHAR *input = "Sample text abc"; CHAR *out; ...
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operator[]: distinguish read and write
Hi, I wonder if it is possible to write, for some class, an operator which distinguishes between...
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Object pointer problem
I have a pointer to structyre Igrac and I have created a list with malloc (although I think I'm goin...
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by S G H
Templated Functions
Yeah, I'm still working with Templates and Classes. I've got a class that holds multiple element...
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by Phiru
vector push_back? append?
I want to know the differences between push_back and append func. I usually use push_back functio...
[3 replies] Last: There is no such thing as std::vector::append in the standard C++ li... (by jumper007)
C++ help me please
You are asked to write a function (prototype and explanations of which will be given below) and a ma...
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evaluation algorithm
Please help me evaluation this algorithm.Thanks very much @@ the greatest common divisor int UCL...
[7 replies] Last: #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int UCLN(... (by FredFlintstone)
Text-Based RPG Game problem
I am working on a text-based RPG game and every time I run the code, it just repeats the first cout'...
[3 replies] Last: The problem is you are using continue statements incorrectly. When you... (by Hippogriff)
java.rmi.dgc.Lease class in c++?
Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to request and grant leases to remote object references. I...
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Dynamic arrays initialization
Pick and discuss which is the sanest method. int *i1 = new int ; int *i2(new int ); int *i3{ne...
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by Mouna
undefined reference to function
Help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee !! I have a problem , I can't figure out what's the error !!! here my cod...
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by caplin
how to read file into array
the data is
[1 reply] : The primary problem is that not everything is comma separated in the f... (by cire)
Binary Search Tree
Hi everybody. I make logical mistake but I don't find mistake. my algorithm; #include<iostrea...
[1 reply] : If you find that you need to change a parameter which is a pointer in ... (by cire)
by huike
SDL window crashing when using console
I'm new to SDL and C++ in general really, but I've been using the console to control a text based ga...
[1 reply] : On windows, SDL will send all output to file so you will not be able t... (by Peter87)
send sms by GPS modem
I am student, I need to program small console application for college: working with files and struct...
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Visual c++ and Excel
hi guys i need a help. i have an aircraft battery which contains 20 cells which has different voltag...
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