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by vtepe
Namespace x has no member y | Adding namespaces to existing project
Hello! I need help :< I have an existing project which worked fine until I decided to isolate a mod...
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by fraC19
Reason for causing Breakpoint
Hey guys, I'm currently working with my friend on an assignment which we need to find the shortest p...
[7 replies] Last: yea, I just came up with the same idea after reading your reply, which... (by fraC19)
Getting same MIPS error message
spim: (parser) syntax error on line 11 of file /Users/TheKid/Documents/ProgramTemplete.s fil...
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list class std::initializer_list constructor problem (1,2)
I need help with a std::initializer_list constructor for my custom list class. I got a "Access viol...
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by YikUTM
Wrong values read into array from file?
This is my code #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <cmath> #include...
[4 replies] Last: But, when I compile my code using dev c++, it can be compiled. That'... (by Chervil)
chess engine performance messed up after optimizations
Hi, i'm writing a chess engine for fun using alpha beta pruning (
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Instead of using a string would like to read in a text file so user doesn't have to input anything
// // main.cpp // Threshold.cpp // // Created by Mikel Wille on 11/30/17. // Copyright © 2017 ...
[1 reply] : You need to include <fstream> BTW. Why this mixture between C and C++... (by Thomas1965)
I need help - urgently (1,2)
Hello, I am new to this forum, and here is my problem. Topic: accountancy program I am currentl...
[21 replies] Last: Thanks for all the answars, I will try to find some starting points fo... (by KomHeim)
Problem with “GNY07D - Decoding”
Hello, I am trying to solve this problem on SPOJ. However, the judge is returning “runtime error (...
[1 reply] : Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem. (by kimchiboy03)
how to settle this question?
A lecturer who is invited as a speaker on trainer by any government organization will be paid accord...
[2 replies] Last: Write a function: code and hours as input parameters rate = according ... (by keskiverto)
Implementing algorithm::count ourselves
Hi, Exercise 3 of chapter 21 of the book Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ says: Imp...
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by soby96
Hi, i have a question about derived classes and their use. So, I have a base class Car and two de...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <functional> struct car { virtual ~... (by JLBorges)
Best possible outcome problem
Hi, I've been sitting here for a while now thinking about a problem. It basically goes like this: ...
[2 replies] Last: what can you do with it if you sort all the blocks by height, and then... (by jonnin)
Need help with Kruskal's Algorithm
Hey guys, I am new to this forum, and I've been stuck in this problem for more than two days without...
[1 reply] : Edge G_kruskal::mincostEdge() { int i, min; long minweight = INT_MA... (by ne555)
by agill
Creating a searchable array of strings
Hello! I've been trying to create an array that holds two pieces of data and allows the first col...
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by navi17
Need to figure out how to sort in alphabetic order, already got it in order for grade in descending form
Write a program that allows a teacher to enter name-grade pairs, Ex: The user will type in the name ...
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Objects in vector accessing
Hello! I need help with one task. class Data { int x; int y; }; class Container { ...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, it works very well. Thank you (by Rododendron)
Input file and Output file
Good Evening all, I had a few questions regarding this input file: 6 Bunny, Bugs Math 90 86 80 95 ...
[1 reply] : THis is for a student class inhereted by multiple class types...Englis... (by markymark99)
Point of instantiation is incomplete and should fail??
Hi, I don't understand why this code compiles: class MyInt { int m_i; public: ...
[3 replies] Last: the indentation might have thrown JLBorges off. note that if you pare... (by Cubbi)
Help Convert Code in C++
Hello, please someone help me about this request. How to convert this code from pugixml to be stand...
[2 replies] Last: xml is just formatted text. You can directly manipulate it for simple... (by jonnin)
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