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by Roson
Can I create a custom data type? (Not Classes)
Hello there! I was wondering if there is any way to create a custom data type. I don't mean class...
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by stav
*new* struct not getting initialized to 0
I'm doing the bunny excersise thingy, and i want to have a bunnyEvent struct. problem is, when i cr...
[4 replies] Last: No. new T(); causes value initialization , while new T; causes ... (by mbozzi)
program crashes
Hello guys, I was trying to create a program that reads data from a txt file and store that data to ...
[4 replies] Last: I think that doing so increase the amount of complexity within the cod... (by benhart)
Optimization suggestions for linear probing table
Hi, I've written a rudimentary Linear probing hash table and I was wondering if you could suggest an...
[4 replies] Last: I would seriously consider making it allocate max expected * X (you ca... (by jonnin)
Lights on/off programm
I have some problems with a code that I'm writing right now. I want to make a programm for a Raspber...
[4 replies] Last: My programm does not work... I'm sorry to hear that. Please read: h... (by mbozzi)
Triangle program
Hi guys, I'm having trouble with this program. Question is write a c++ program to draw and fill a ...
[4 replies] Last: h is used in the for loop too. But what is it? (by jonnin)
How to make 2D OpenGL rendering efficient in C++
Hi, I am working on a little project in C++ using OpenGL. I want to be able to render multiple 2D...
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by dbag
Comparer question with custom Objects
I have the following list of person class to which I am sorting by full name and I apologize if this...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you so much @JLBorges for the in depth explanation. You have no ... (by dbag)
waiting for answer
There is problem in the output where it is just displaying last values just displaying last row valu...
[2 replies] Last: This should fix you problem #include <iostream> using namespace std... (by noobofcpp)
getaddrinfo_a Windows equivalence
Hi everyone! I have to implement a client socket connection application. This application receive...
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reading data from txt file.
Hey everyone, I'm trying to create a basic program that reads data from a txt file that looks li...
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get object idetifier
i want to get the identifier of a object class placeholder { string identifier = identifier pub...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> struct some_class { std::s... (by JLBorges)
String input
What is the best way to take a string as input ignoring the whitespaces? For example : If input i...
[7 replies] Last: Another option without getline and removing whitespace. In case the in... (by Thomas1965)
Ivor Horton Book: Using C++ Standard Template Libraries
Ivor Horton Book: Using C++ Standard Template Libraries 2015 Apress has C++ programming exercises at...
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warning signs
You are developing a program to control the warning signs as the exists of major tunnels. If roads a...
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Randomisation Each Time The 2D Array Is Called
Basically I am making an adventure game in a 2D array, I would like the character to move around fig...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both for replying, I have looked over what you both have sai... (by JustMike)
C++: how use arrays on our class's? (1,2)
see my class: class Sprite { private: LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 sprDevice=NULL; LPD3DXSPRITE s...
[21 replies] Last: 1.b and 2 works fine. but the 1.a have a memory leak. maybe because i ... (by Cambalinho)
Playsound only when specific key is pressed
i am making a program in c++ but i want help in playsound fuction i want a specific sound to be ...
[1 reply] : Use SFML.Use sf::SoundBuffer to load the sound file you what then use ... (by noobofcpp)
c++ programmin problem please ! any one can show how this be?
[5 replies] Last: The premise of your question is slightly wrong because the question is... (by Ganado)
Improper locale definitions
A C++ implementation defines both: 1) the named locales that are available and 2) the definitions ...
[3 replies] Last: I could never be sure that the locale in fact encapsulates German con... (by Cubbi)
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