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by dbag
Access violation reading location 0x00701000
I am a C# developer by trade who has recently taken a job in C++ and I am trying to spin up. I have ...
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Why is compiling with <regex> header slower than average?
I'm using g++ (GCC) 7.2.1 20171128 compiler on a GNU/Linux system, and I've noticed that compiling a...
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by dbag
Template Class Won't Compile Once Method is Called
I am new to C++ and trying to implement a basic template class. I am using Visual Studio 2013 for re...
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Help Bool Accepts int* as well until a bool function is overridden why is it so ?
I have a code as below.. 1 #include <iostream> 2 #include <stdio.h> 3 4 void balaji(vo...
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Methods without class
In our project I came across with a source file where there was a method that had no class. That met...
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by H00G0
Game Idea, recommendations
Hey people! So I've had an idea for a game for a while now, while I'm learning C++. I think I can...
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by Khaye
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by AlainF
Instantiate classe using a map
I have a long list of classes and I want to instantiate one according to a string. I currently have...
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string first character skips
string skips first character when I cout it..for example if I input string like this string n; g...
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somebody from sweden
behöver hjälp med dessa Skapa ett program där användaren kan ange ett tre siffriga tal och pr...
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get file full name and path
I have written some C++ but I am a newbie. I have a C program for which I need an input filename,typ...
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Raise Program help
I would truly appreciate some help on this. //displays the value of Khaild raise //at the end ...
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structure classes
hello! I have two component classes, classA defined before classB, and I need to call from classA ...
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by b975
What is the form of Templated Friend Class Variable another Templated Class?
AIterator ->Template Class ASet ->Template Class in the ASet.h(public section)(And AIterator.h...
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white space question
I want to direct to this address in my path variable: Environmental/system vars: variable n...
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by Erema
sparql requests in protege
hello, sparql requests in protege I need to find 100 names PREFIX foaf: <
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how overloading the assigment operator with a second argument?
heres my actual overloading assigment operator: Form & operator= (const std::function<void(HDC Wind...
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The user will be prompted to enter the following data: Name Hours worked Hourly wage Amount of wit...
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A default value for a user-defined type
Hi all, Please consider this snipped-code: int main() { cout << int() << endl; return 0; } ...
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by ahme7d
Please Need Help ASAP
Can Some One Pls Decode This Game it's an assignment to make a game which should have same output. ...
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