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2D Random Array Parsed to Chars
I am new to C++ and a self study student in my first class. I am creating a TicTacToe program and n...
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why is my base class undefined
I'm not sure why it says my base class is undefined when it's clearly there. Before making changes, ...
[1 reply] : create a new directory called "foo" and copy-paste creature.h and char... (by ne555)
below program produce different output in onlline and offline compiler? in offline(codeblock,dec c++)-210 in online jdoodle a...
[2 replies] Last: found running throught valgrind undefined behaviour caused by out-of-b... (by ne555)
by baka87
Copy Constructor Question
Hi All- I have a very simple program that is stumping me. I was hoping one of you genius' could poi...
[1 reply] : The value of this->m_value at line 17 is undefined. It could have any ... (by helios)
Help me in this program.
Write a program that asks the user to enter some text and stores it in a file. The program then open...
[1 reply] : Learn to use code tags, then ask a question... (by SamuelAdams)
by Dani95
How to find odd and even numbers in 5x5 array using func
Hello guys... how to return odd and even numbers in 5x5 array and put the odd number in array and e...
[6 replies] Last: goodness. Ill do it but you get what you get with me lol. I take the ... (by jonnin)
Comparing user data with input data
I want to create a program to finding the free room for the exact date. For instance user enter date...
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inheritance from template class need help
Hello, I got this error while :undefined reference to `QueType<JobType>::QueType(int)' while inher...
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Template Dynamic Array
I'm attempting to convert a dynamic array program into template form. I've got a lot of it to work b...
[1 reply] : Also, if anyone knows how to put a trace in the grow function that wou... (by Velhotuli)
Malom or Morris Board Game (Please assist)
I need assistant with an assignment and is currently stuck. Here are the instructions: The game is p...
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by vr777
Mancala C++ Project (Part 2) *ALL HELP NEEDED*
***** MY QUESTION(S): So I'm at brink of finishing my project and I'm stuck and have a few issues. F...
[1 reply] : HERE IS AN UNFINISHED SAMPLE OF THE GAME: (**When you run the program ... (by vr777)
Urgent :: Can't inherit constructor from template class
I have got these errors : Expected ( before QueType Expected { before QueType expected constructor...
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Problem with inheritence in c++
Hello, I am following a tutorial about queueing and I am still facing problems , could someone p...
[2 replies] Last: @UK Marine They are already defined, I am trying to implement the over... (by Mar1990)
Which of the following objects display inheritance relationships? ( you can pick more than o...
[1 reply] : You'll be able to answer the question yourself if you understood inher... (by Uk Marine)
HELP SOS - create a class and list of strings
Create a class pearl, each pearl has an int diameter (in mm randomly 11, 12 or 13mm) and a string co...
[5 replies] Last: When you try to compile it, it doesn't compile? Is that the case? We ... (by Repeater)
Can you create your own driver for a USB device?
I have recently learned C++ and C#. That is, I have taken courses to understand the basics of them a...
[1 reply] : Yes, you can develop a driver for it, if you know how to talk to the h... (by helios)
by Mallet
Quick ifstream & ofstream Question
Hey guys! So I wrote the proper program my professor wants. Now she needs me to copy that pr...
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by Dani95
How to convert string array to ascii
Hello how to convert 2d string array to ascii? This is my array string n = { { "1", "2", "3"...
[5 replies] Last: I'm pretty sure guessing that OP means convert the string "23" into ... (by Ganado)
Why do I get expected a ')' before the 'y' in if (compare = 'Y' || compare 'y')
How do I fix the error I get? This is only a section of my code the entire code is 400 plus lines...
[3 replies] Last: Line 6: There is no cin of compare. PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the... (by AbstractionAnon)
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