General C++ Programming - December 2018

by PaoloM
Exchange of values
The exercise requires to upload a vector of N elements and to exchange the first value with the last...
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by emron
Find the nearest point from 10 coordinates?
Hello everybody, Question 1: There are 10 houses in the neighborhood, the coordinates of the houses...
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by Grime
How to communicate between different programs?
Suppose you have two C++ applications that are running simultaneously. What's the best way to commun...
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by PaoloM
linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
the program seems to be correct but there is this error. who can help me? pleasee #include<iostre...
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Why is "operator delete" called twice for my code when only one temporary is created.
Hi ppl :), I have implemented "append" function for my string class in terms of operator "+=" as be...
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Looking for help
I need someone to write me a c++ code that gives me the temperature of a certain city in the time I ...
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Which pointer type to use when we just want to point to an object.
Hi, Consider the following implementation of "string iterator" class iterator { ...
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by Grime
Inserting to stdin?
Is there anyway that I can insert to stdin? Why insert to stdin you ask? the line - while(cin >...
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What is the meaning of stable interface ?
Hi, I was going through isocpp guidelines and came across a guideline for inlining functions here...
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Anyone up for a fun freelance project?
If anyone is up for a freelance on Wheel of Fortune then please PM me.
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regarding hashing
Dear all, I have a big set of strings, let us say S={str_1, str_2, ..., str_n}. I give this set t...
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Why chromium does not use c++ exception safety mechanism.
Hi, I tried using a try-catch block in chromium code and the build failed after it. I found out ...
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Online coding practice
I was trying to solve a problem on codechef named "Chef and Girlfriend".My solution got rejected, so...
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by oahz
I want to visualized my algorithms
1. I want to write solutions to algorithm and data structure problems. 2. I then want to be able to...
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How to get the odd and even parity on a game board
I am creating a memory game where there are "X" and "O" on the board. The user selects particular ro...
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by Grime
How does vector work?
For older compilers that do not support standard template library, using vectors is not an option. ...
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Template for calling different methods in a loop
I am working on an OpenGL c++ project that has objects that can be drawn on the screen in a 3D envir...
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by Safaa4
Converting a binary number to decimal
we were asked to turn a binary number to decimal so I did this #include <iostream> using namesp...
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Variable nested loops for variable vector sizes to find the element combinations
Hello, I am trying to get the combination of my vector element from N number of vectors of varia...
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Write data after the search keyword
Hi, I have a file of 1gb, I'm searching for the term "topics" in it, after finding the search ter...
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